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This journey is recommended by the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT.
The travel editor Franz Lerchenmueller reports in the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT under the title “International stars in the backyard” (orig.: Weltstars im Hinterhof), about our gypsy-music-journey in Romania.

Gypsy music live. A musical tour through Romania
Travel code: 302

Romania has a rich and traditional environment of music, which style was handed down, among other things, by gypsies for centuries. The country is diverse and has gone through an eventful history between the Orient and the Occident, which can be seen in the gypsy music of the different regions. Especially after the fall of the Iron Curtain 1989/90, this kind of music has become popular even outside the country. Romanian gypsy music found more and more its way on the stages of the western world.

What will be expecting you?
The nine-days-tour through the four important centres of the Romanian gypsy music is highly recommended for travellers that look for special experiences during their holidays and for people who are in favour of the east European music. During the tour you will get to know four different styles of Romanian gypsy music for instance, brass-band music, from Zece Prajini, Moldova, Walachian Lautari music from Clejani, urban gypsy music in Bucharest and Hungarian influenced Lautari music from Transylvania. After the arrival in Bucharest, we will take a ship through the Moldau region on the next day in order to reach Zece Prajini. The gypsy village is popular for its tradition of music and well known through the success “Fanfare Ciocarlia”. During music’s night, we will get to know some of the musicians of the village and their music. At one night, we will get the chance to listen to the gypsy music of the Transylvanian village Ceuas. The following day we will reach Clejani, which is close to Bucharest. Over centuries, the Walachian village has developed into an important centre of south Romanian lautari music. The “Taraf de Haidouks“ have made the village and its music very popular in the world. At this place, we will spend two days and an awesome night with some local musicians. Finally, a very last music’s night with the urban gypsy music in Bucharest rounds off the whole programme. Apart from the music, we will also get to know the country with its culture and history, for instance, worth seeing medieval cities Medias and Sighisoara, an ancient village with its centuries-old fortified church and Bucharest – one of the most exciting capitals of Europe with an eventful history.
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live music's nights
One characteristic of the journey are the four live music’s nights with the different styles of music. A group of musicians will introduce us to each type of gypsy music of the region. Before and after their performance, there is the possibility to talk to the artists. It is not about listening to a classical concert, it is more about experiencing a relaxed musical night, drinks and food are included.
The music’s nights will be open for local residents as well. In that way, we will get an unadulterated impression of the local awareness of life

examples for listening

Zece Prajini 1

Zece Prajini 2

Clejani 1

Clejani 2

Ceuas 1

Ceuas 2

Bukarest 1

Bukarest 2

journey here/travel on-location
Journey to Romania is not included in price. Bucharest is daily destination of flights from many cities of Western Europe and all over the world. There are as well direct trains from Munich, Vienna and Prag to Bucharest. When planning your journey we would appreciate helping you. On site, we will travel with a customary minibus. In Bucharest, we will use additionally all means of public transport.

lodging and board
At the day of arrival, we will spend one night in an elegant four-star hotel in Bucharest. At the hotel in Bucharest, we booked double rooms for you. In Zece Prajini the families of the musicians will be our hosts for two days. The rooms are furnished simply, the toilet and the shower are on the floor, or rather, you can find the outhouse in the backyard.
In Medias, we will be in the best hotel of the city for two days, which is a three-star house. Also in Clejani the families of the musicians will be our hosts for two days. Here and in Zece Prajini it is only possible to book a limited number of single rooms. Please do not hesitate to ask us. Towards the end of our journey, we will come back to the hotel in Bucharest for one night, which you already know from the beginning of our journey.
board: During the journey, you will have half-board and each one day in Zece Prajiniand Clejani you will have full board. At the day of the arrival, we will eat in a restaurant with traditional Romanian kitchen. During the tour, we will eat in well-chosen restaurants and with the families of the musicians.

Many gypsy musicians live here and now. Tomorrow or the next year are far away and play only rarely an important role in the lives of the musicians. Even though we planned the journey well, there might be some last-minute changes. Especially for the nights with live music, we will be endeavoured to find appropriate substitute in order not to change the character of the journey. In case such things happen, we apologize for any inconvenience. There is no touristic infrastructure in Zece Prajini and Clejani, therefore, please adapt to less comfort. Moreover, the sanitary facilities in the villages do not meet western European standards.

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travel can be booked Saturday, 1st September until Sunday,
9th September 2018 (english guided)

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Blasmusiker im nordostrumänischen Dorf Zece Prajini, Iasi

(picture: Lars Barthel)

Entry number
at least 10, maximum 15

price per person
1500 £
1810 €


single and double rooms

not included in price

Virtuoses Geigenspiel in Clejani, Giurgiu